Each program that we offer is tied to a specific urgent need and is designed to correct the misconception that our community is "someone else’s responsibility". Our mission is to see the difference in each person that comes to us for assistance. 

The key to our success with the children and young adults in our community is consistency and meeting the right now need so that have time to tackle the long-term issues. We provide parents and young adults with self-care products, grooming supplies, diapers, wipes, school supplies, clothing, shoes, toys for all age ranges, field trips, and other events to help us meet needs that the children have while their family is healing. 

Our mission is simple. WE ARE creators of the change our community so desperately needs.

Youth Outreach

Youth P.A.T.H. Program 

P.A.T.H. Program the Youth Homelessness Prevention and Outreach Program is dedicated to extending our support to our young people living on the streets.

Unfortunately, young adults ages 16 to 19 years old are caught between being too young for some services and too old for others in traditional service providing programs.

Our C.O.R.E. street team develops relationships built on trust, honor, respect, and dignity with our youth to support them in a positive lasting transition from homelessness and extreme poverty. 

Pathways 2 Tomorrow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community and creating permanent solutions to the issues that plague the North Texas area. 
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Path of Progress is our youth outreach initiative created to be a unique resource for our youth and their families who are facing environmental adversity and meeting the needs of children that are affected by extreme poverty and homelessness

Our mission is to support the children whose parents are in transition and reach the youth that are battling emotionally devastating situations (whether at home, school or in their neighborhoods) that are leading them towards incarceration, severe bodily injury or even death.


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